Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gray Matter Version 2 - Without Gray

I decided I needed to make a second version of my gray matter quilt pattern.  I wanted to show how the pattern would look using different fabrics from the one I chose and it was a good opportunity to test out my own pattern and double check that everything was right. 

The biggest difference between this version and the original is that I used orange instead of medium greys for the large triangles.  I wanted this one to really pop and these fabrics really did the trick. 

The oranges are brighter than this photo unfortunately I am limited in my photo taking due to weather...
The top is completed and I hope to start quilting it sometime this week.  I am thinking multiple straight lines running through the white sections but am open to suggestions if anyone has any!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Q2 Finish Along List

I decided to finally hold myself accountable and join the finish along this quarter.  I am a little late to the game but there is still 7 hours until the linky party closes.  Shall we begin?

1) Flying Geese Quilt: This is the biggest item on my FAL list - my husband has been encouraging me to get it done for months now and something just needs to be done.  It is a queen size flying geese quilt that for some reason or another decided to quilt by hand - and I need to finish the quilting and bind it.

2) Grey Matter #2: I have the fabric cut for this quilt and want to turn it into a finished quilt to show the versatility of the pattern.

3) April Rhodes Party Dress: Needs to be sewn together and finished.

4) Purple and Tan Quilt: I created a pattern and started cutting up that gorgeous stack of fabrics.

5) Milky Way Medallion #2:  I have the fabrics pulled but nothing else done.  I need to iron and start cutting so I can work on the pattern for this quilt. 

I also have four more projects that live in my UFO bin that I don't have pictures of and probably won't get to but thought I would mention them anyway even if only just to record it for my sake.

6) My first real quilt top I ever made as an adult: top is done - maybe add borders but it needs to be quilted and bound.

7) Scrappy Lap quilt top and backing that I made but never blogged needs quilting and binding.

8) Tula Pink Bubble Quilt: I bought the Prince Charming quilt line a few years back and cut out a bunch of bubbles and proceeded to make a quilt  with them.  We ended up moving before I got it finished and now it is just sitting in a bin waiting to be finished. 

9) The start of my first quilt ever (I was probably 8) - my mom found it and gave it to me and I need to figure out a way to finish it...It is a disaster of 90's fabric and poor sewing. 

Wow I have a lot to accomplish!  But hopefully this FAL is just what I need to get my butt into gear.  I have some extra time today so hopefully I can get a little closer to knocking one of these off my list!

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Cutting Out My First Dress

For my first attempt at clothing I wanted to make a dress and after seeing this post of April Rhodes Party Dress in pink and gold I knew it was the one I wanted to make.   The pattern is called the Riding Peplum or Party Dress.  I went with the party dress option for obvious reasons of wanting a dress but I imagine the peplum would be fun to make too!

For my fabric I went with a really fun Paris themed fabric called "I Dream of Paris" by Windham Fabrics.  I love the big architectural pieces mixed with the old time postcards.  To me it felt like kind of vintage, soft, and feminine. 

While cutting out the pieces I also realized that I wanted the prints to line up exactly in the front.  Since I had not bought quite enough to match my one way large print I decided to piece the skirt from what I did have and see if I could make it work.

I surprised myself with the results making my seams almost invisible in the front and the back (the above photo is a close up and I think I nailed that seam). The skirt piece below actually has three seams in it (only because I was obsessing with my fabric being exact) and to me it looks like just one piece.

So far the pattern has been wonderful.  The pattern itself was easy to put together (it was a PDF download) and the directions for cutting the pieces have been easy to and simple to follow. 

I hope to get some more time to work on this dress soon!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Milky Way Medallion - A Finished Quilt

The Milky Way Medallion quilt I have been working on for some time now is finally finished!  I named the quilt after the the Milky Way galaxy because I wanted to emphasize the stars on the quilt, hopefully the name will evoke thoughts of space not of a delicious chocolate and caramel candy bar. 

Since learning to meander a few months back I have been itching to try it on a full size quilt and knew that this was the perfect quilt for it.  I used a variegated Star brand white, yellow, orange, and green thread that blended beautifully with all the fabrics.  I was a little nervous about using the thread since it was my first time using the brand and it thicker than the thread I normally use. 

After finishing the quilting I can say I love the look of the thread but man did it shed and create a ton of lint build-up in my machine.  A small price to pay for the result I achieved because it really pulled all the fabrics together without taking away from the design of the quilt.

For the back of the quilt I used an extra wide backing fabric in green called Spin by Windham Fabrics.  I bound it in Artisan Spirit Shimmer Metallic Silver Speckles and Dots fabric by Northcott fabrics.  I have to say it is one of my fabric lines so simple but beautiful!

I had a blast making my first medallion quilt and I am working on the pattern for this quilt.  It will probably require me to make a second version to make sure I get the measurements right but I don't think I'll mind. 

Thanks for all the encouragement and support I recieved while creating this quilt!  I hope you are having a wonderful day!


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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Medallion Top Finished

I finally finished the last border on my medallion quilt top.  I wanted something a little more simple for the final border but I wanted it to still work with the rest of the quilt.  I decided to alternating rectangles with something different in the corners.

At first I was thinking more stars (since my plan was to call this the Milkyway Medallion), but since I had just done a row of stars I thought it might look goofy.  Instead I decided on some little log cabins, 2 with grey on the outside, 2 with color on the outside depending where they are located.

As I shared with you yesterday I already have the backing and binding picked out.  I just need to move my kitchen table to I can sandwich this baby and begin the finishing process!

Hope you are having a wonderful week.


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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

One-Year Work Anniversary Haul

Purples and Creams for a new pattern

Last month was my one-year anniversary at the local quilt shop where I work. It is a fun job although the pay isn't great.  Fortunately we do get a 20% discount year-round with one awesome exception. Every year during the month that we were hired we are allowed to make a one-time purchase with everything 50% off.

Fabric for another version of my Gray Matter Pattern

We can buy as much or as little as we choose and we have the entire month to gather at much as we want and save it until we decide to check out, it just has to be before the month ends. Another great thing about this purchase is that if we have gift cards we can apply them to the purchase as well (I bet you can guess what I asked for this last Christmas).

Notions, Batting, and a Book
Not only did I buy notions and fabrics for quilts but I also bought enough fabric to try my hand at making my first dress.  I am excited to see how I like making clothes compared to quilts. 

Fabric for trying my hand at Dressmaking

I learned a lot about my shopping habits during this purchase. I was originally planning on buying a whole bunch of fabric with no real plan in mind but when I went to do it, I just couldn’t. I am a project buyer. I need a purpose and/or a plan for something I am going to buy, or at least a general idea of a project such as the below fabric.

Fabric for a quilt for me possibly - I need to add to it but it is a start.
Sometimes I find that I love a fabric and after a little while I am less in love with it than I was to begin with. I am not a person with a huge stash of fabrics because I don’t like them to just sit there forever and not be used.  Don’t get me wrong everyone is different when it comes to buying fabric, but for right now this is what works best for me.

All the purples and creams again this time with borders, binding and backing shown
 All the fabric and notions in this post plus a little bit more left unphotographed totaled less than $100 out of pocket after discounts and gift cards were applied.  All around I think I did pretty good and for a price I couldn't beat!  Looks like hard work and cheap labor pays off after all!

A few more greys needed for my medallion quilt plus the backing and binding.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my huge haul!  I definitely had fun picking it out and look forward to making quite a few projects in the future!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Medallion Border 3

The third border for my medallion quilt is finally attached.  Weeks of waiting for the fabric and the time to finish this border (and the rest of the quilt) have finally paid off.  This is my favorite row so far.  I just love the way the stars came together and it was fun not worrying about being precise when making them because they were supposed to be wonky!

I am now off to work on the final section of the quilt top.


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