Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Black Tie Affair - Blogger's Quilt Fesitval Entry

Thanks to everyone for coming to view my quilt from the Blogger's Quilt festival at Amy's Creative Side.  This is my first quilt entry and I am placing it in the category of Two Color Quilts.

About a year and a half ago I decided that I wanted to make a quilt with bow ties on it.  I am not completely sure why but I got this idea in my head of what I felt like a bow tie should look like and then knew I had to make it.  I scoured the internet looking for a pattern or at least an idea of what I was thinking but saw nothing that caught my eye.

Thus the Black Tie Affair Quilt was born of my own design.  Named for the fancy black tie events that I used to think were so magical when I was a child, this quilt is made entirely out of off white and black fabrics.

The back of the quilt I wanted to keep simple but give the impression of a man wearing a suit so I backed it in black Kona Cotton and pieced a large bow tie into the top center of the quilt.  Looking at the back of this quilt makes me smile because it make me feel like my quilt is being formal and wearing a bow tie!

Category: Two Color Quilts 
Size: Black Tie Affair is a large lap sized quilt measuring 55" x 60" 
Special Techniques:  Pattern designed by me 
Quilting: Free motion bubbles machine quilted by me.  Each bow-tie was outlined on the front in white thread so when the quilt is turned over the the back echos the front. 

Thank you so much for coming to look at A Black Tie Affair!  And a special thanks to Amy for putting on such a wonderful Festival.

Voting takes place May 24-30 so make sure to head over to Amy’s Creative Side and vote for your favorite quilts!

Have a lovelea Day! 



  1. A lovely masculine quilt Elise. I love the story of it and how the back mirrors the feel of the front yet looks very different at the same time.

  2. So clever. The back has a personality all of it's own!

  3. It is very effective from far away and then you focus in on the bow ties. Very cool.

  4. très masculin ,mais c'est vrai l'envers est aussi original que l'endroit félicitations

  5. So intriguing!! I am completely sucked into it...

  6. Neat quilt! I love the back as much of the front. Nice job on the bubble quilting, too--that's on my to-do list.

  7. I love your quilt. You have worked the black and white very nicely. It's amazing how our childhood dreams stay with us. Well done!