Friday, January 17, 2014

Finished Custom Star Pillowcases

 I finished my custom star pillowcases and am quite pleased with the results.  The specifications to be met were as follows:
  1. White pillowcases (for bed pillows) each with a rainbow star that mirrored one another.
  2. Meandering quilting on the main panel of the pillowcases.
  3. An internal flap to hide the pillow when viewed from the side.
  4. The star moved closer to the open end instead of centering it on the main body section.  

These pillowcases were a lot of work, but I think the finished product speaks for itself.  I used a total of 71 different fabrics on the stars themselves and Kona White was used for the background cuff and backing.

I wasn't sure if I would like the quilting on the front of these with no quilting on the cuff, but I think it ended up being a nice contrast.  Additionally it ended up being a great small project to learn meandering on - and I love learning new ways to quilt!

Besides the meandering I also learned how to make an internal flap to hide the pillow.  It was a simple process  just requiring an extra 7" of fabric and they hold the pillows in quite nicely. 

Pillow Hidden by Internal "flap"
I really enjoyed doing my first real commissioned work, and it was a good refresher on how I make the star blocks.  I have a bunch of fabric scraps and I think a scrappy star quilt might be in order now. 

Thanks for reading!  I hope you are having a wonderful week. 


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  1. These turned out beautifully and I love the contrast between the quilting and the un-quilted cuff!


  2. Well congratulations Mrs. Rock Star! You did it and you did it well, I love them!

  3. Oh wow. OH WOW!!! Fabulous - seriously such gorgeous work. I especially like that you did not quilt the cuffs - I think it makes them look ever so professional and just finishes them off so nicely.

  4. I didn't know about that extra sleeve add on to a pillow case---cool!!

    These are so full of life!

  5. These are stunning! I love the color and the star pattern. Your quilting looks great too! Thanks for sharing and linking up with TGIFF.

  6. Oh they look fantastic! Wonderful work!

  7. Such beautiful pillow cases, they look gorgeous!

  8. The look wonderful - a lot of work but a beautiful result.

  9. OMG, those pillows are awesome! I'd love to have them on MY bed!